Steering Committee

The steering committee’s responsibility is to provide advice and direction to the conference chairman and other committee members. They present recommendations to guarantee quality and guide the event toward success.

The selection of the conference’s chairman and committee members is one of the steering committee’s main duties. The decision is made after consideration of a list of candidates who stated their desire to host the following conference during a period of time provided to all of its members. After an announcement has been issued and forwarded to all the members’ registered emails, the intention is expressed in writing and sent to the society’s secretary or coordinator.

Additionally, if a committee member’s membership is inactive and no submission has been made within the appropriate time, they have the authority to have them removed from their position.

The steering committee must efficiently evaluate and handle unforeseen circumstances as well. The committee has the right to postpone, change the location of the event, or even cancel it if a risk presents an imminent danger to it.

Scientific Committee

Members of the scientific committee must have been actively involved in the society for at least six months prior to the conference. They are chosen based on their experiences, contributions to the yearly evaluation of the society and their work as a reviewer of articles submitted to the society’s scientific journal. H-index of the members are an important consideration for the appointment.

Members of the scientific committee are required to submit and deliver at least one paper at the meeting. After his appointment to the position is confirmed, the paper must be submitted within a month.

The scientific committee is responsible for allocating the room/s to each subspecialty based on the volume of received abstract submissions and the actual presentations that were approved.

Coordinating Committee

Members of this group are chosen from the host city’s ENT department. They serve as ambassadors for society in their cities and divisions. As part of the conference’s educational success, they should encourage and advertise it to guarantee a significant number of abstract submissions.

Members of the coordinating committee are required to submit a paper and present at the meeting.

Organizing Committee

The event’s primary representative when dealing with its sponsors and governing agencies will be the organizing committee. They make sure that all rules and regulations, including those of the host city and each vendor, are observed, and they obtain any necessary permits and authorizations.

The organizing group is in charge of publicizing the conference, establishing contact with prospective participants, notifying the media and field of the event, and managing social media alerts and press releases.

Members of the organizing committee are required to submit a paper and present at the meeting.


Faculty (Speakers, Chairpersons, Moderators, Panelists)


Speakers are persons who will be allowed to speak and present during the conference and the name that appears in the program. As per the regulation of the Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau, no one is allowed to speak on behalf of the registered speaker. If the speaker will not be able to present, he or she has to inform the organizing committee in writing/email at least 1 month prior to the conference. Without the written notice, all information in the submission is final. A speaker can be replaced if the request is made 2 months prior the conference.

Chairpersons, Moderators, Panelists

The committee and society board members select panelists, moderators, and chairs. They must be an active member who makes at least one presentation during the conference. Every session must have 3 chairpersons (international, regional and local).

A panel must have a moderator and at least 4 panelists.



  • Audiology
  • Equilibrium
  • Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Head & Neck Surgery
  • Hearing Implant Solutions
  • Humanitarian
  • Laryngology
  • Otology
  • Pediatric
  • Phoniatrics
  • Rhinology
  • Sleep Medicine


Abstract Subspecialties

  • Free Paper
  • Keynote
  • Instructional Course
  • Workshop
  • Panel Discussion
  • Round Table
  • Symposium
  • How I do it?
  • Debate
  • Resident’s Competition
  • Fellow’s Competition
  • Student’s Competition
  • Digital Poster

Resident’s, Fellow’s and Student’s Competition

  1. This competition is open for GCC residents only.
  2. One competition paper for every participant is allowed.
  3. A participant can submit 1 paper for competition and several papers for oral presentation.
  4. All papers are subject to scientific committee approval.
  5. If you submit an abstract only, you will miss 30% of your score. Submit a full text article to get a score out of 100%.
  6. When submitting, please ensure that you choose ‘ Resident’s Competition’, ‘ Fellow’s Competition’ or ‘ Student’s Competition’ in the submission form to be listed as such.
  7. Competition for Student’s, resident’s and fellow's does not take case reports, systematic reviews, or meta analysis.


Attendees must be 18 years of age to attend the Conference, and all related events. Requests for any exception to this term must be made in writing to the Conference Organizer. Each Participant understands that participating in the events is voluntary and may involve certain risks of physical injury, damage to property, and other damages or losses that may be sustained by a participant. Each participant must assume all risk of damages, property loss, and personal injury which may occur by participating in the events. Smoking inside the hotel is prohibited and all weapons are not allowed to enter the hotel.

Accommodation and Session Halls

  • Individual guests will be responsible for their own incidental expenses. All charges incurred are to be settled by the individual upon departure.
  • Hotel rooms provided by the conference to the speakers are complimentary and not mandatory. Speakers can opt to book to a different hotel at their own expense. Reservations are exclusive for the speakers only and are not extended to their family members. Rooms provided by the conference to the speakers are not refundable or rebookable.
  • Due to the limited number of hotel rooms in the conference venue, other speakers will be accommodated to the different hotels. Rooms will be booked according to the set of priorities such as ladies, speakers from other GCC countries and persons aged.
  • When each guest checks in, they will be required to present a credit card on which a sufficient amount of pre-authorization can be obtained to cover the anticipated room and other charges.
  • “No-show” rooms will be released at 12:00 noon the following date, unless reconfirmed as “arrived” by individual/company.
  • In the event that confirmed reservations fail to check-in, the individual/company will be charged to an equivalent of 100% of the accommodation rate for each of the night reserved and not used.
  • The society will not assume any liability of loss, damage or theft on any item left in Exhibitions and Conferences. All belongings are at the sole risk of the owner.
  • No food and beverages may be brought into the venue for consumption unless prior consent from the authorities has been obtained; note that this may require additional charges.
  • SORL Society’s Speakers who are resident doctors, fellows, students and others will have a triple or double sharing room with other resident speakers. Accommodation are not guaranteed to be in the same venue of the conference.

Accompanying Persons

Participants Accompanying Persons

  • Accompanying Persons are the people who accompany the participants at the congress.
  • Accompanying persons, similar to the conference participants, are warmly welcome to the conference.
  • The conference has a list of suggested rich social programs, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the city, as well as discover the culture and the history of the region.
  • Accompanying persons do not follow the program of the congress. No access to the conference venue (scientific, refreshments, meals or exhibition) without full registration.
  • In order to register accompanying persons, you have to be a registered participant.
  • A separate invoice has to be paid for each accompanying person and for any activity/events/items provided by the conference.
  • Kindly note that reservations are made on a “first come first served” basis.
  • Some of the exciting elements of the social program are detailed.
  • Please note that the social program may be subject to change in advance of the meeting.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the program due to low enrollment.

Speakers Accompanying Persons

  • An accompanying person for speaker is a spouse or first degree relative (Parents, adult child-18 years and above) who is not working in our field can or may attend the scientific sessions.
  • A colleague, friend or associate working in a related sciences field or a student in a related program may not attend the conference as a speaker accompanying person.
  • There are no registration fees for speaker’s accompanying persons. However, accompanying persons are required to purchase flight, extra hotel room (if required) and meal tickets at the advertised guest’s rate.
  • Children 17 years old and younger are not allowed in the plenary or poster sessions or at the conference banquet.
  • Children of speakers staying at the hotel must abide by the hotel’s rules.
  • Hotel rooms are based on single occupancy for a maximum of 1 adult without extra charge. Accompanying persons and children 0-6 yrs old charges shall be settled by the guest.
  • All information of accompanying persons must be directly arranged by the speakers to the Hotel and extra charges shall be settled by the guest’s personal account and NOT through the conference account.
  • Accompanying persons cannot take conference meals without registration.